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   Updated May 21, 2012
We've been using the Hi-N-Dry at our pool rolling clinics with beginners and it has been working out really well for us. We are interested in buying several more to use in our rolling instruction classes as well as offering them for sale in our retail store.

Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures, Massachusetts

My wife and I took a rolling class last winter. I was able to roll 90% of the time. My wife had a harder time learning to roll. She was about 35% successful. After she purchased her Hi-N-Dry she now has a 100% success ratio.
I thought I would be tough and not have to use a Hi-N-Dry. After being frustrated and at times scared of not being able to get back up during practice rolls I decided to try my wife’s Hi-N-Dry. It allows me to roll back up 100% of the time with no fear. It is almost like cheating. I am sure that the purests frown on such a learning tool. However it will enable us to learn not to be afraid of rolling and will help us develop our rolls without such an aid. Although being in our mid 50’s who cares if we continue to use the Hi-N-Dry as long as it gets us back up!
In late January 2014 we are spending 8 days with an outfitter in Costa Rica kayaking on Class II & III rivers. We will have our Hi-N-Drys with us! We will spread the word of such a wonderful product to the Costa Ricans.

Paul Carr, Michigan

You asked if I would take a minute and respond to how I am enjoying my Hi N Dry-- so I am! I must say, because I am small framed (115 lbs and 5 ft 3 in.) the roll on my paddle was cumbersome. But, don't worry, I kept at it, and changed my paddle stroke to allow for the Hi N Dry-- to not hit me on each stroke. Now that I am used to the large roll, the rolling is sooooo much easier!!I am feeling more confident each time I practice and I allow myself to trust the roll and my technique. My husband and I are going to Costa Rica in January for a week of kayaking rivers that are class III's. Thank you for the Hi N Dry-- its going with me on the plane :}

Laura Carr, MI

I've been using the hi-n-dry for a couple months now. It works very well. I'm a big guy as far as kayakers go and it will still keep me afloat. Highly recommend it for less experienced kayakers or expeditions.

Wes Lingerfelt, GA

I used my Hi-N-Dry for the first time last weekend on the Russell Fork River in Kentucky. I affectionately refer to it as the "roll-u-lator." I had three flips and three successful combat rolls. You can't argue with success.

I disagree with those who argue that the Hi-N-Dry will encourage bad rolling habits. It does not. The truth of the matter is this is only an aid and will not roll the boat for you. You still need a quality roll to get upright. I give this product a "thumbs up."

Dan Molnar, Kentucky

I run programs for disabled children and war veterans and am looking forward to using the Hi-N-Dry in our programs. Also, with your permission, I'd like to promote this product to our clients and the entire Team River Runner kayaking organization for war veterans.

Scott Fraser, Highland River Adventures owner, Michigan

Hello from W.V. I think your product is a great idea. I whitewater kayaked for a season and loved the actual kayaking part, but hated trying to roll. I could roll 75% in a pool but never could do a combat roll in a rapid. I actually quit and sold everything and got out of it because of the roll. I have been wanting to get back into it, and after finding your product, I think I will. I am sure the guys in the local club will probably laugh... but I dont care. It's about me getting out there, being safe, and having fun. It probably won't be till winter that I start buying stuff and getting ready for next season, I hope you stay around and are successfull.

Rob, WV

When you are sea kayaking you are often not just several hundred yards off shore but sometimes even miles. Which as you know is not the case on white water rivers including the Colorado’s Grand Canyon and some other big water runs I have done in Alaska and Canada. Most self rescue systems for sea kayakers short of a bomb proof roll are all questionable especially in rough water conditions.
I am now 69 and would more than likely take the Hi-N-Dry with me on some big water runs in the future just so I would be totally comfortable in hitting my roll or if I got stuck in something like Double Suck on the Ocoee.
We have been using the Hi-N-Dry at roll sessions and we are getting new paddlers up in no time.

Charlie Snider, Texas

Very good for roll practice.

David Alexander, Arizona

The Hi-N-Dry has given me the confidence to begin playing in water that had previously intimidated me. This play has, in turn, increased my skill level. I love the thing, constantly comparing it to Dumbo's feather when asked by other boaters. However, I definitely would NOT recommend using this outside of a practice setting until after learning to roll WITHOUT it.

Dave Tibbets, Indiana

Brilliant!!! I would think it helps make a brace more intuitive as well.

Mike King, Maryland

I am a long time kayak instructor and I think your product is a great idea. Helping beginners build muscle memory to keep their paddle on the surface of the water is one of the hardest aspects of the roll.

Michael Gordon, Kirkland, Washington

Just ordered a 2nd Hi and dry for my wife; she likes mine so much she now will have her own. The Hi and Dry works well in small to medium size surf. We haven't had any sizeable swell this summer; fall will tell the tale.

Pat Grause
Florida customer

It was one of my best gear purchases ever.

Dave Tibbets, Indiana

I do think I will get one for my daughters to learn to roll and my wife to perfect her combat roll.

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boatertalk.com user - lutusa

Hi, just seen your product, I am a disabled sea kayaker in the UK and can't roll due to lower half disability, my legs are no use and my hips are stiff, this may be the answer.

Name: Zechariah Richardson, United Kingdom

I watched the video the other day and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?!?" I think this is akin to using a PFD to help you learn your roll, but keeps the paddle in play. I immediately sent this to my dad who sea kayaks and has had trouble learning his roll. He has the cushion that goes on the end of the paddle blade, but that doesn't do a lot of good unless you're just practicing. Granted, he rarely flips and can re-enter his boat in the middle of the lake, but this thing may be just the trick.

Forum Poster, Richland, WA


MountainMedic Helena, Montana

Seems like a great idea for beginners. I actually wonder if it would work for more advance paddlers as well.

Forum Poster, Boulder, Colorado

Kinda cool. It opens up rivers for some hesitant people. Wonder how it works with sea kayaks...

Forum Poster, Colorado

I feel like this would be nice for when I take friends who don't have a roll down non-dangerous class 2 and 3.

Forum Poster, Columbus, Indiana

Brilliant! This will be great for newbies.

Dave Frank, Boulder, Colorado

Cool concept. I can certainly see how this could really help folks with the roll maneuver.

Forum Poster, Vancouver, Washington

Training wheels for WW kayaking! I love it!

Forum Poster, IN

A very interesting idea.. I would like to check one out and see how they might be useful to our program.

Sundance Kayak School - Grants Pass, OR.

I went ahead and ordered the Hi-N-Dry. I have a 50% pool roll, but will use it to get over my fear and panic of rolling in current.

Nancy Powell, Loretto, PA

I just ordered a Hi-N-Dry. Totally intrigued by your invention. I think it could be great for exactly how you used it yourself; being slow and methodical about analyzing my roll. It might also be good for when just my wife and I are doing a run with no support crew and we really, really can't afford a swim. Seems like an obvious solution in retrospect, but in fact I think its brilliant. Good work.

Albert Haegele, Littleton, CO

Let me introduce myself, my name is Grant Boney and I came across your product from MountainBuzz.com. First off, as a Mechanical Engineer, kayaker and raft guide, I am very impressed with the simplicity and ease that this products solves a problem, it is a very elegant solution and am honestly just very impressed. Please feel free to tell me to shove off at any point in this email, I am so floored by it that I just had to fire off a message. As I design consumer products for the outdoor industry, I am just curious how you plan on growing this product, as I believe it could be huge for kayak classes across the country. ... I am very impressed and am a bit jealous of the huge potential that this product has. Congrats on a great product and hope to hear from you soon!

Grant Boney, Colorado

I have a great roll, but do have a bad back and this will help when I'm having a bad back day and still want to paddle.
Would love to show it off at the Cheat Fest.

Jim Francoeur, Scarborough, Maine

Those floats might actually be useful for beginners, as advertised.

Forum Poster, Little Rock Arkansas

I'd like to try this out with someone learning to roll and see if it helps them get down some of the motion concepts or not. In the videos, it is pretty clear that if you lift your head, you still don't come up. But you can get a breath, and when you correct and roll the boat up with your lower body while keeping your head down, then things start working for you. That is a critical and yet difficult to teach concept for most beginners. I've tried teaching that with pool floats, but it generally confuses beginners more because they just lose their grip on the float; at least this float is gripped exactly the same way you grip your paddle, because it is the paddle.

Forum Poster, Conway, Arizona

Well I had two of the floats last night at roll class, of course I had to try it out first :D Ok so lets get to the roll. So if you just fall over and try to get in your set position it is a little difficult. The float is extremely buoyant so you have to use a little force (upper body weight) when rolling over in your set position. Once upside down the float will pull both arms to the surface. Now if an experienced boater is trying it they will find it extremely easy to roll. It doesnt get in the way and keeps you in your set up position for a sweep roll. It does slow the sweep down because of having to move it through the water. In my opinion the float helps 100% for holding the boater in thier set up. It also gives the boater and the instructor a little ease when teaching their hip snap. I would give the float a thumbs up to help with rolling but not to replace learning proper technique.

Adam Willard, Bossier City, Louisiana

While this is certainly no replacement for experience, in some cases it may make sense. For instance, our daughter has essentially given up on kayaking. This is because more than a decade ago, she was diagnosed with an inner ear problem that causes her get dizzy easily and can not even ride in the back seat of a car. I tried working with her at several summer pool sessions where she came close to rolling but could only try about 3 times before she got ill. As a result, she gave up trying then gave up kayaking. :-[ I don't expect she will ever get beyond the Upper New, but I would really like her to join us again on the river. I think this tool might give her the ability and confidence to join back in. Maybe then she will again practice learning to roll.

Wes Barthwick, Hamlin, WV

 Updated May 21, 2012