How Does the Hi-N-Dry Help with Combat Rolling a Kayak?


   Updated May 21, 2012
There is a long list of reasons why rolling may not come naturally or easily for someone. Fear of drowning can cause panic which can cause one to forget the rolling techniques they have learned, one may be weak or out of shape, one may be distracted, one may not feel they have enough air held in ones lungs to provide the time needed to execute a roll, and one may be too busy to practice rolling.

The Hi-N-Dry allows for resting between roll attempts, makes rolling a breeze, allows one to breath and keep ones head out from under the water between roll attempts, and enables one to practice rolling while on the river or lake without constant fear of a failed roll leading to an unwanted wet-exit.

When I was learning to roll, the one thing I wanted above anything was to be able to breath while under water so that I could look at my form, take my time, visualize what I was doing, and not feel rushed or panicy while attempting my rolls. I achieved this feeling by practicing rolling right next to a pool ladder, which I could grab at any time to get upright without relying on the help of anyone. This self-reliance gave me a sense of calm and I was able to focus when calmed. I could then learn without distraction from my own fears. Hi-N-Dry is your portable ladder, always there to grab onto and lift yourself out of the water. It gives the sense of calm and self-reliance of the pool ladder, while also being there for you even when you hit the river or lake where nobody is around to give you a hand when you need it. It gives the ultimate sense of security and control.

I have worked hard to tweak the product and test it to optimum size and buoyancy. I’m looking forward to showing off the product to as many people as I can. Thanks to it, I’ve gone from a 70% chance to roll in a pool to a bomb-proof roll in class 4, I’ve gotten my 54-year-old dad psyched to kayak on the big rapids and my girlfriend is now excited to start kayaking as well. I can see this invention helping a lot of people raise their confidence and accelerate their progression in this sport. I believe it can benefit kayakers at every level of skill. For a skilled kayaker who has a roll, it makes rolling even easier and is nice to have as a “just in case” since even the best kayakers say that “we are all in between swims.” For someone with a weak roll or no roll, the Hi-N-Dry is game changing. It really opens up the sport because kayaking without a solid roll forces one to constantly worry about swimming. With a device that makes rolling a piece of cake, one can get out there and kayak where they want to be kayaking more quickly.

 Updated May 21, 2012